The Market

The European wooden pellets market comprises two main segments – industrial and domestic – both produced and sold by Glowood. The overall market is estimated in 29 million tons per year, with Europe contributing with 22 million.

National Identity

Glowood’s raw material is totally and solely originated in Portugal, contributing thus to the Dynamics of the forestry sector, by creating a demand aligned with the goals of keeping the fields and forests clean, mitigating the fire risk, as well as creating jobs in otherwise less populated areas of the country.


With an overall production capacity of 110.000 ton/year, Glowood is curently exporting more than 95% of its production, to markets such as Denmark, Italy and Spain; the domestic market is also growing steadily, aligned with Europe’s and global tendencies.


Pellets are the simples and most effective way of using forestry biomass residues, by optimizing its shape and drying it for optimal energetic efficiency, with the added value of being a zero-carbon-footprint product.


Employing a highly professionalized team, and located in a naturally fast-growing pine region, also near a main port, Glowood has important competitive advantages in this market.

A Glowood – Indústria S.A., no âmbito do Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização, apoiada pelo FEDER e FSE, designado por GLOWOOD 2.0 – IMPULSO DA ATIVIDADE PRODUTIVA. O projeto representa um investimento global de investimento elegível global de 3.815.931,75 Euros (três milhões, oitocentos e quinze mil, novecentos e trinta e um euros e setenta e cinco cêntimos), tendo dado inicio em Abril de 2016 com uma duração de 24 meses.